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Possibly, you started looking but felt overwhelmed? Maybe, you were told about the advantages of having an MBA or personally know someone that has been very successful with their MBA. Whatever the reason, that idea is probably what led you to this website! MBA Educational Resource is specifically designed to quickly start you on your way towards getting your MBA. We know you probably have little time and loads of questions. Our site is dedicated to educating future MBA students about all aspects of the MBA process. We are not a comprehensive site. Meaning we will not take you through the whole process but feel that we offer the most relevant information to get you started toward the right MBA for you!By following the links on the left you will be able to access information about.

Instirures offering MBA Studies Abroad
1).London Business School- London UK
2).Manchester Business School-Manchester UK
3).Warwick Business School- University of Warwick- Coventry, UK
4).Harvard Business School-Boston, Massachusetts
5).Stanford University Graduate School of Business- California
6).Wharton University of Pennsylvania-US

Eligibility Criteria for MBA Abroad
Students who aspire to do their MBA abroad must find out about the eligibility criteria for admissions to the different B-Schools. Most universities in the United Kingdom accept the 3 year bachelor’s degree as an eligibility criterion for admission to a MBA course. Top B-Schools in the UK and US accept GMAT scores for short listing of students for their MBA Program. Work experience is another pre-requisite for admissions to B-Schools abroad. Finally a good academic record is an important eligibility criterion for admission to the MBA courses abroad.

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