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These reputed training centers even provide CAT material for the students. Mock tests are also organized as an important aspect of cat exams. The qualified and experienced faculty members of the institutes offer proper CAT tips to the students.

CAT Exam Preparation
We can’t judge the cat exam preparation standard of any candidate with the study hours he or she devotes for it. Even the students who study 2hrs daily can do very well in CAT exams. Proper decision making skills, positive attitude and patience can help anyone to crack CAT.

If you wish to appear for the common admission test after completing your graduation, then it won’t be better to start your preparations from 2nd year of graduation itself. It is essential CAT tip for the students to prepare at least 10,000 vocabularies to be on the safer side as one needs to have a strong command on English before appearing for CAT. Then comes group discussions and personal interviews. For group discussions, one needs to practice at home with friends on major burning issues to do well. Regarding interview facing CAT tips, one should keep in mind that you should always have a positive attitude before appearing towards the interviewer because getting nervous or trying to give fake answers are things that an interviewer will notice immediately.

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